CFlash Baits

Not Just Another Bait Company

CFlash Baits are designed, proven, and perfected by Midwest bass expert Greg Mangus to create an action that triggers aggressive strikes from the most and the biggest bass possible.  So, What’s different?

Handmade Construction

All C Flash crankbaits are constructed one at a time from an ultra-buoyant urethane foam.  The urethane foam's lightweight yet durable characteristics solves the age old question of whether to buy a fragile balsa bait or a cheap (no action) plastic bait.

Quality Components

In addition to this extreme action material, every CFlash crankbait is fitted with a minimal thickness poly-carbonate bill to produce the signature thumping action that CFlash Baits are known for.  Along with this tournament proven action, these baits also boast a full list of top quality components and finishes including Gamakatsu hooks to produce the finest handcrafted crankbaits that money can buy.


We are so confident in the reliability of CFlash Baits that if at any time a bait fails from circumstances other than normal wear and tear, it will be repaired or replaced less shipping and handling.